Thursday, 24 January 2013

Day off work today so out for a ride !

Day off today so thought it would be good to get some more use out of the FJ .
Ended up talking to my mate Steve in the UK for an hour on the phone. He is coming to stay with us in a couple of weeks time so doing some planning.
We are taking both my FJ and XJ to the South Island for a couple of weeks. I have only been to Nelson and my wife Pauline who is a kiwi has seen very little of the South Island also. Everyone tells us how wonderful it is down there for motorcycling so getting very excited.
Had planned to go to Wanganui up the Para's round the mountain and home but getting a late start made me rethink a bit.

FJ at lunch stop on Wanganui River Road

Had thought about going up the river road as I have not done that road before but decided to leave it for a day with less time constraints.

Beautiful Scenery even on a cloudy day
Made my way back through Fordell to come out at Hunterville. About 50 km's I think, I didn't see one other vehicle just half a dozen cattle that managed to find their way onto the road .

Any 365kms and bit of a sweaty bum Im told sheepskin covers are the way to go ?

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  1. Nice! Lucky you having the day off. The Wanganui River road is great and the gravel bit is not too bad. Pretty narrow in places so watch for the tourists.

    Heading South myself in Feb...

  2. The downside to having a day off in the week is that I will be working Saturday :(
    While I stopped for my lunch there were about a dozen tourist some of them in quiet large campervans !!! Yikes..
    We are heading down south weekend of 16th for two weeks cant wait heard so much great stuff about the place .:)

  3. Beautiful valley pictures. Of course the FJ compliments it nicely.

    Isn't it nice to ride midweek so there is less traffic.

    1. Great to be on even quieter road than normal :)
      Coming from the UK all the roads here seem quiet to me

  4. Just like i always do. Evert time am not working, am either riding or skating. Motorcycle riding happens to be my greatest passion(Street motorcycle). You must have enjoyable your free time.