Friday, 18 January 2013

Roadsafe Training Day

Our local Kapiti branch of the Ulysses M/C club organised a training day last Sunday for members.
The training was subsidised by our local council and ACC.  The cost to us was a mere $20 per person, outstanding value.
The course was run by Andrew and Lynne Templeton who run a company called Roadsafe .
We had a morning classroom session that included some great videos demonstrating the importance of looking where you want to go when things get challenging.
We were told to come to the day with an open mind that I did but it was certainly full by the end of the day.

After lunch we headed just up the road to Southwards Car Museum who very kindly let us use part of their car park, they even arranged to have the area swept just for us.

Here we were given the opportunity to emergency brake and find the limits of our brakes in a controlled environment. Managed to lock up my front wheel on the FJ but my human ABS came into action swiftly enough !!

We also did various exercises using body weight to turn very tightly at low speeds etc etc.
A great day and I personally learnt heaps.


  1. THats looks great mate, have you considered IAm in Wellington. Well worth it . Although I think Wellington is struggling a bit, it is certainly a great way to up skill.

    1. It was a great day Roger. Geoff James has sent so info on IAM and I expressed an interest but I understand they do not have many members but happy to wait. My Father is a member in the UK has been for 25 years.

  2. Great stuff. Always great to learn some more. I haven't been out to practice emergency braking on the Gladius but it is a goal for this year.

    1. I was supprised how quickly I could haul my bike up in a controlled emergency braking situation, certainly worth knowing your limits in case you need to go there out on the road,

  3. Its always good to learn. If given the chance i would gladly grab the opportunity. Emergency brakes(Touring Bike Parts) happen to be my worst fear when riding so the exercise would be great.