Monday, 7 January 2013

Paekakariki Hill Alarm call out ride.

So its Sunday Morning and Pauline and I decided to et some work done in our garden before it got too hot, been getting up towards 30 degree,s C here !
Get a call from my work alarm company telling me that the cleaners have not reset the alarm so work not being monitored. Phoned cleaners office to get a message telling me they were still closed for the holidays, dont you just love that !!
Told alarm company to give it 30 mins if still no alarm reset I would go and set it.
Got the call so decided it would be better to take the FJ in case of holiday traffic !!
My work is in Porirua about 30 mins away but decided to take the longer way home along Paekakariki Hill Road. This is a great road but has had quiet a few deaths on it and the local council have lowerered the speed limit to 60kph recently which does seem quite pedestrian in places. Great view from the lookout though, always takes my breath away.

Kapiti Island from the lookout
Kapiti Coast Where we live

You always meet some great bikers at the lookout and this day was no exception.
Met a guy who had just been doing a few days around the East Cape on a very nice Laverda Jota.

I remember as a teenager riding my Fizzy Moped and back then a Laverda Jota was right up there with the very best of motorcycling exotica you could get.

This guy had owned it for quiet a few years but was saying how expensive everything is now to keep her up to scratch.

The Jota had the 180 degree crank and when he pulled away giving it a handfull of the throttle the sound was pure music to my ears.

Lovely Laverda Jota , What a great sound :)
So anyway my alarm call out ended quite well I thought :)