Sunday, 8 July 2012

Eventful Ulysses Ride to Apiti

Another early Sunday ride and another frost with temperature around freezing.
Got to meeting point in Waikanae just before 9am ready to go. Had expected a few people to be there but only Russell was there so at 9.05  we decided to head off.
Met two other bikes at Kimberly road in Levin only to find Lex had a dead battery on his Honda VFR. Had already phoned local bike shop who came out with a new battery! ( Great service for a Sunday Morning)..   New battery fitted and off to Shannon to pick up rest of the riders and grab a quick hot coffee.
Sun out and cold but warming up nice and quickly.

Roads were quite good but some shaded areas needed to be treated with respect. Thought to Ashhurst noticed the Manawatu Gorge is closed again , people in Ashhurst must be fed up with all extra traffic they have to put up with.

Through Ashhurst and over the river to Pohangina Valley East Rd. Bit of a regroup to let faster riders go first.  Great scenery makes me realise how lucky we are to be living in such a great place.

Arrived at Apiti Pub for lunch, the fire was roaring which was a nice welcome after a chilly ride. Had a great lunch ,great venison burgers which was locally sourced !!

Upon arrival we found Lex had a flat tyre on the rear of his Honda..  We could not find an obvious hole so pumped a gas cylinder into the tyre to see where it was leaking . Found a hole and used a Sticky String from the puncture repair kit I carry to plug it. Pumped tyre up with another couple of cylinders ,  the landlord of the pub pointed us down the road to a local contractor who had a compressor, Knock on his door he said he's a good joker !!!. 
Anyway he let us use his compressor and we found another hole, so another string plug pumped her up and we hit the road.

Uneventful ride home and plugs held up fine on the Honda.
A good day out with a great lunch and a great group of people :-)

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Frosty Day Bike Ride

Weather man said it was going to be a lovely winters day so up early Sunday morning with a bike ride planned.
Looked out the window to see frost in garden -2 Deg but a clear sky so looking good.

Wrapped up with multiple layers headed off stopped at Feilding to fuel up and grabbed a quick coffee. Got chatting to another biker who was just going home to get changed for a ride..  Lot of people out today getting the most out of a clear day.

North from Feilding Mrs B wanted to go up Vinegar Hill one of our favorite roads, some caution needed on some shaded areas that hadnt had the sun to dry them off.

Me and Mrs B at Stormy Point Lookout

Stopped at Stormy Point lookout with about 20 other people their allready. Fantastic view of Mount Ruapehu  and further away Mount Taranaki (Egmont).  Stopped for a few pics then off to Hunterville for lunch.

From Lookout Mt. Ruapehu in distance

Set off for Wanganui on Mangahoe Road another favorite road but again some slippery bits that needed to be riden with respect.
Stopped in Wanganui at Sister-in-laws for a cup of coffee and quick catch up.  Then headed home on main highway got home just as it was getting dark and cold..  360kms and a great day :-)

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