Sunday, 9 December 2012

FJ1200 Winter Overhaul

Hi All

Been very slack keeping this up to date but have been to UK and Europe for a Month and also busy with general stuff.

Anyway have had the FJ now coming up 3 years and decided it needed a good going over. All I have basically done is oil and filter changed but it needs some definite TLC.

List below

New Rear tyre
New Front Wheel Bearings
Overhaul Clutch master Cylinder and Clutch slave cylinder
Dismantle rear suspension and clean lubricate all bearings and linkages
Front fork seals
Adjust valve clearances ( I borrowed Yamaha tool from my mate Steve while in the UK He is coming to NZ in February for a holiday so need to get them done by then ! )
New spark plugs
Oil and Filter
Air Cleaner  and Fuel Filter
Sort out Fuel Reserve Problem
Balance Carbs
Strip and clean all brake calipers
Fit Pro-oiler Chain oiler system

+ any other general stuff while I'm at it !

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