Sunday, 9 December 2012

FJ1200 Fork Seals

Drained oil from forks as I knew my right one was leaking.
Quiet shocked only got about 25ml of oil out so had lost quiet a lot.
Drained left fork leg or I mean I removed the drain screw only to find NO oil came out at all !!!  Guess that explains why it wasnt leaking !

Stripped and cleaned out all forks ,there was someoil in there so some lubrication going on.
Very small stone chips in chrome at top of travel in forks, cleaned up very carefully with 1000 grit wet and dry with WD40.
When reassembled turned 90 degree so chipped area is facing inside hopefully will work if not get them rechromed at end of year.
I made a tool to hold the damper unit with an old socket and a 27mm head sized nut welded together.

My homemade fork tool
Had to try and think of a way to put the top bush and seal in without the driver tool ...  Cut off the end of a used mastic cartridge this was just the right size to fit over the seal :)
Any way all back together now and fill with the correct amount of oil  


  1. Now that doesn't look like any fun at all.

    Way out of my mechanical skill realm.

    1. I am easy to pleased when left in the garage to tinker with my bikes ...
      Good news is that I went for a ride yesterday and not only do I now have decent damping they dont leak :)

  2. That sure is a big job. A lot more than I would want to tackle.

    1. Like all things once you have done them once its all fairly logical . I dont like the idea of paying someone else for doing stuff on my bikes !!