Monday, 25 June 2012

Yamaha FJ1200

While looking at my poor XJ900 in the shed I felt the need to get back on two wheels after a break of about 12 years.
Saw a FJ1200 on Trade Me not far away in Lower Hutt so decided I should go and have a look.
Had a full krauser luggage setup and various spares like new chain and sprockets that the owner hadnt got around to changing.
Bike had seen some life ( 80000kms ) had a few battle scars but I thought it would be a good fit for me.
My two riding buddies in the UK both had FJ,s so I was fairly up on the pro,s and con,s.
I has ridden many thousands of miles with Steve on his FJ in all weathers . We had also been to the Bol'O'Dor in the south of France in I think the early 1990,s.
Rode the FJ home no drama,s . The chain was totally worn out Adjustment at maximum and the chain was so loose Im sure it wasnt far from the ground..  Some peoples idea of maintenance sure leaves a lot to be desired.

Ride along Parapara,s

Had the FJ now for two and a half years been great fun and got me excited about motorcycling again.  She is showing her age so now I have XJ up and running going for a bit of a makeover during the winter months.


  1. Great to have another kiwi blogger in the mix!

  2. Thanks Roger for dropping by...
    Enjoying giving something back after spending a fair amount of time just looking at your and other peoples blogs :)

  3. That is a nice looking FJ. It looks like a comfy ride for touring.

    1. Great bike bit old technology buy today standards but I quiet like simple stuff. Very comfortable, Planning a trip to the South Island next year so giving it a makeover during the winter. Great 2 up also. My wife is going to learn to ride this year so we will be able to travel with 2 machines and carry more gear.

  4. biggo ( phil ? ... )

    geoff james mentioned that you're interested in his lighting upgrade ( ). me too. i've ordered the h4 ring xenon ultima +120 for my street triple from the UK, at 27 pounds a pair. while not paying attention, and intending to get a spare, it turns out i've ordered 6 rather than 3; so if you want a pair (or 3) at cost, you're welcome. otherwise i'll put them on trademe. they should be here in a week or so.

    i'm at peka peka ... which was why geoff mentioned you to me.

    ... tim (021 985 866)

    1. Hi Tim ?..

      Yep I would be interested in a pair :)

      Let me know when they turn up and will arrange to catch up.

      Phil (027 501 9780)

    2. Hi Tim

      Just had a thought what bulbs have you ordered H4 or H7 ?
      I need H4s