Friday, 22 June 2012

My GPZ900R Era

The XS500 was finding it hard to keep up with Jim and Ed while out on our group rides so something else needed to be found...
Weekend ride to a few bike shops . Ended up at Wheels International at Hockliffe and ended up coming out the proud owner of a 2 year old GPZ900r.

Collected it the following week....  nearly ripped my arms out of their sockets on the way home.  Soon got used to the GPZ and have many great miles throughout the summer.  Went up to sixteen foot drain near Chatteris where the road is dead straight for about 9 miles and managed to crank her up to 150mph, man the road gets very narrow at that sort of speed and when you slow down to 100mph you feel like you can get off and walk. Or course there were very few speed camera,s etc around in those days!!

Was off to work one morning in 1987 in rush hour in Bishops Stortford when a lady decided to pull out of a t junction right in front of me. Luckily I was going very slow less than 30mph and was being followed by a driving examiner taking someone for their car test ( great witness for insurance company )  I had no opportunity to brake and hit her right front wheel squarely on, left the bike flew over her car tumbled up the road and just missed being hit by a car coming in the other direction.
I laid there for a moment thinking this is going to hurt but to my surprise everything seemed be work and still be in the right place !  The bike was written off by the insurance company and I did a good deal on a brand new last year model Blue GPZ900R . 

This was a great bike although a sideplate on the chain broke at less than 1000miles not impressed, had to get Jim,s brother in law out with his transit van to rescue me... 
Other than that the GPZ,s were great bikes and gave me a great deal of pleasure..


  1. Welcome to the word of moto-blogging Biggo. You just may find it is slightly addictive.

    Those GPZ's are nice bikes. We have a friend who has one or two in his garage he is always tinkering with to keep running.

    Glad that get off wasn't worse and you came out of it unscathed.

    1. Thanks for "my first " comment Trobaritz :)

      I have been following your and several other blogs for sometime and thought I should at least make an attempt to give something back myself.

      Accident was 25 years ago now guess the body was a bit more flexable then, dont really wast to try it now I have got to my 50,s .