Monday, 25 June 2012


Paekakariki Hill Lookout

My 1986 XJ900F is the bike that I have had the longest relationship with! Bought this in 1989 from my great friend Jim in the UK.  Used it fairly regularly untill about 1996 when children became more important in life. Sat in the shed then moved with me half way around the world to New Zealand where it sat in the shed until earlier this year when I finally got the urge to get her going again.

Carbs were totally blocked with all sorts of foreign matter.  Cleaned out carbs only to find that a tee piece between the carbs that was plastic had gone hard and leaked fuel as soon as I turned the tap on..  No worries I thought so tried to get a replacement !  No luck no longer in production. After a bit of research found a beautifully made brass tee piece from a company in Canada Sirius Consolidation
Order online Thusday night in NZ delivered to my door the following Tuesday !!  Thats what I call service..

                            Then fitted new tee piece to carbs ready for fitting back to bike

Carbs fitted new battery charged and fitted .  Moment of truth as I hit the starter.  Coughed and spluttered a bit but then purred into life just as she had 15 years earlier.
After balancing carbs and tweaking the idle jets she seemed just fine. A very big smile on my face...

Off I went got a WOF and some rego and off for my first ride like I had never been away..

Any way put about 500 miles on her in the last few weeks and although she is 26years old I really get great delight from riding the old XJ...   Not the greatest handling bike certainaly by modern standards but brings a big smile to my face still the same.


  1. I am glad that you managed to get the bike running.

    Sure is sweet looking. They just don't style bikes like they used to. The new ones don't have the same 'wow' factor as I think they older bikes do.

    Maybe I am aging myself by saying that, lol.

    1. Not showing your age at all just a good appreciation of older machinery.......

      There is something special I believe about any vehicle we have had for a good number of years that has given us great service... So after 23 years now I know it will always have a place in my garage.