Thursday, 26 June 2014

Around the World without leaving New Zealand

Winter is in full swing here. Had a big storm last night but the forecast for today didn't look to bad.
Both my bikes have been off the road for 3 months due to trip back to UK & US on the way home and lots of other stuff going on so desperately needed to get out and do some Km,s .

Some friend had told me that the Wanganui river road is now sealed the whole length. I have never been down there before but thought today would be a great time to try it out.

The road took over 30 years to construction and was opened in 1934. Before then, all access to remote settlements was by boat only. Key settlements included: Hiruharama (Jerusalem), Koriniti (Corinth), Atene (Athens) and Ranana (London).

Also meant I could come back down the Para paras one of my favorite motorcycle roads :)

So anyway I went through Athens , London and  Jerusalem all within the space of an hour.

465 Kms done cleaned off a dirty bike and a great day :)

Athens First European Stop

London not far from where I grew Up !!!

Auto Awesome playing its games
At Jerusalem


  1. Replies
    1. Im sure you have been up river road before was a great day crews clearing up recents slips had damaged new tar seal in places

  2. Couldn't be any better mate, especially seeing as it one of your favourite bike roads. FTW

    1. You will have to try out the north island roads on your next trip !!

  3. Nice day of riding to get back in the saddle.

    Closest we have to "going round the world" is Lebanon 20 miles away. Not a war zone, but it is full of rednecks in big trucks, lol.

    1. Great day out. I am thinking about doing a 1600km ride in 24 hrs in October but need to get some serious conditioning in before that judging by my aches after yesterday :)